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Santiago Abueva, Jr., BE Civil Eng. Master in Engineering, FIEAust, Director - Principal Engineer

Santiago Abueva, Jr graduated in Civil Engineering (with Honors) in 1979 at Cebu Institute of Technology (now called CIT University), Cebu City, Philippines, and then completed his Master’s Degree in Engineering in 1983 at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. He was a former professor and Lecturer in Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering for 15 years at various universities in the Philippines. He worked as structural and geotechnical engineer for more than 15 years for various consulting firms in the Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia. His field of actual expertise includes site classifications, forensic investigations, soil bearing and settlement analysis of shallow and deep foundation, analysis and design of temporary and permanent shoring/retention systems.

Jude Cubong, BE Civil Eng. MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ, - Principal Structural Engineer

Jude Cubong completed his Civil Engineering degree in 1999 at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines and passed the board examination for Civil Engineers and Master Plumbers on the same year. He is a Chartered Member of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland. He has over 16 years international experience working for various companies involved in real estate development, residential and commercial building engineering design and EPCM of oil, gas and petrochemical plants. His field of expertise includes design of masonry, concrete, timber and steel-framed multi-storey structures, multi-storey transportable houses, design of structures to Australian cyclonic region specifications, utility poles and forensic investigations. Some highlights of his career involves the design of a 6-storey hotel in Malaysia, multiple 4-storey accommodation buildings for Petronas (Malaysia) and multiple 3-storey buildings made up of transportable modules designed to withstand up to tropical cyclone category 5 wind gusts in Onslow, Western Australia.

Clarence Deada, BE Civil Eng. - Geotechnical/Structural Engineer

Clarence Deada completed his Civil Engineering degree in 1998 at Cebu Institute of Technology, Cebu City, Philippines. Clarence is a Civil/Geotechnical Engineering with 19 years of professional experience in the construction and engineering consultancy sectors. His expertise includes, but not limited to geotechnical investigations, earth retention design, slope stability analysis, shallow and deep foundation design, crane working platform design, construction advice and monitoring, forensic geotechnical investigation, project management and structural analysis.

Ribelito F. Torregosa, BE Civil Eng., PhD Geotechnical Eng.,MIEAust, Associate

Ribelito Torregosa graduated in Civil Engineering (with Highest Honor) in 1991 at Cebu Institute of Technology (now called CIT Univeristy), Cebu City, Philippines, and then completed his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering in 1998 at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. He finished his PhD in Structural/Geotechnical Engineering in 2002 at Gifu University, Gifu, Japan. He has published many papers in both structural and earthquake engineering, and authored the FrameCE- a three dimensional frame analysis software used for structural analysis. His field of expertise includes structural analysis, assessment of seismic hazard and ground amplifications, analysis and design of complex deep foundation systems.

Roque C. Alea, Jr, BE Civil Eng., Master in Geotechnical Eng., ASCE, MIEAust, Associate

Roque C. Alea graduated in Civil Engineering (with Highest Honor) in 2004 at Eastern Visayas State University,Tacloban City, Philippines, and then completed his Master’s Degree in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering in 2007 at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. He is a Geotechnical Engineering specialist with vast experience in geotechnical and tunnel engineering from a variety of ground conditions such as in soft ground or rock. His specialties includes deep excavation, pile foundation, earth retention system, basement, cut and cover, trenchless technologies, pipe jacking and bored tunnels ranging from small to large scale project. His experience ranges from scheme (conceptual) design to preparation of engineering final design documents including geotechnical reports, drawings and specifications and providing engineering services (performance monitoring) during construction. He is well versed in numerical modeling such as finite element implementation in geotechnical engineering using PLAXIS in two and three dimensional analysis. Other state-of the art computer tools for geotechnical design such as LPile, Geo-Slope, FREW, Wallap and Rocscience such as Phase, Unwedge. His experience from a design and build projects working with several contractors and reputable consultancy has bring him into a well-rounded engineer that can provide you a practical, cost effective and optimum design.

Gerald Abueva, Diploma in Business (Information Technology), Director - Operations Manager

Gerald Abueva completed his Diploma in Business in 2004 at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. He worked as a Provisioning Specialist for a local internet company at Auckland until 2006 and since moving to Australia has worked as a Draftsman/Steel Detailer and as a Geotechnician. His field of expertise includes geotechnical investigations, site classifications, retaining wall inspections, drafting using autocad and vectorworks software, and laboratory testing and analysis.

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